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Sometimes buying images for use in your designs can be costly, yet it is images that can make or break a design. Luckily there are a few (legal) ways in which to get free images...Making your page visually pleasing, as well as informative, will help to generate more notice of your site and incoming links, in turn generating traffic and increasing your page’s popularity with search engines.There are a variety of places that you can choose to download or hotlink to pictures. Online image banks are often the easiest, though you can also choose some search engines to help you find the perfect image for your design.Sourcing good copyright-free images online can be a pain and if you want to play nicely it's always worth checking that the picture you're using is legit. Knowing a few tricks will make the process a lot easier.

With the surging growth of Internet gadgets being sold and used worldwide, web design continues to evolve and adapt. This is where Responsive Web Design comes in. For those not familiar to this new design concept, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is essentially a web design technique that automatically adapts the content and layout of a web page according to the different media display sizes of these gadgets, from tiny smartphones to widescreen desktop displays. Thus, a responsive WordPress theme is a theme built to suit different client browsers across all gadgets and platforms. The main benefit of using responsive web design is making your site future-proof for new and upcoming types of devices without the need for creating another mobile version of your site.