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Pay Per Click (PPC) Service For Small & Medium Businesses |
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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Service

The main objective of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is to drive traffic of buyers to website and/or the offer page.

The most important element of any PPC strategy is that the traffic should always achieve some conversion goal that you’ve set for your web site be it:

  • Generation of targeted leads
  • Online sales
  • For a small and medium business, PPC is not the smartest way of driving traffic as it will eat into your marketing budget.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising service is always custom designed and bespoke to small and medium businesses as well as those operating at regional/national level. This requires implementation of a very targeted PPC strategy that will ensure that the leads acquired match the pre-defined criteria and maximise return on investment. The amount of work involved (and price!) is directly related to the target market, the length and breadth of strategies used and the competition.

We work with major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo as well as social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin.

TwentyEleven provides a complete PPC Advertising Service and it covers the following:

PPC Audit

If you are unsure of where to begin or have been using PPC advertising but haven’t got the desired results before, our PPC Audit will identify or review the tactics used, conversion rates, your relevant position to the competition.

At TwentyEleven, this is often where we start with our clients as it enables us to develop a robust PPC strategy

PPC Strategy

A structured PPC Strategy will ensure that the investment made in acquiring leads is well spent and that the conversion rates are higher.

It should take into account all current marketing activity, business strengths, weaknesses, budget and the tactics and activities you should be implementing. The strategy should also identify very specific short term and long term goals and tactics by using all the appropriate PPC advertising channels.

PPC Plan Implementation

This is where TwentyEleven will implement the PPC Strategy and tactics to start driving buyer traffic and acquiring customers or selling a product or a service. Our flexibility enables us to work around client requirements and budgetary constraints.

Landing Page Design & Development

Landing Pages also know and Lead Pages focuses specifically on capturing leads for an email list and making sale for a specific product or a service. It makes no attempt to give visitors a different option and should site separate from the main website.

At TwentyEleven we offer full Landing Page Design and Development service where we use scientifically proven and tested techniques to maximise conversion on your PPC advertising budget.

PPC Conversion Rate Optimisation

PPC Conversion Rate Optimisation involves constant monitoring and measuring the results and making changes to improve them. We use cutting edge and advanced tools such as website heat maps, website optimisers, web analytics to carry out research and analysis.

We then carry out split testing on landing page content and copy, price points, images, graphics, upsells and downsells to establish elements that convert the most.

PPC Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Management comprises of ongoing monthly optimisation and implementation of PPC Advertising Strategy and is the key to maximising return on your investment. This should be viewed as an ongoing marketing investment and our minimum recommendation is for 6 months duration as you are not likely to see greatly improved results especially in a very competitive market.

Get in touch for a free no obligation consultation by calling 0800 011 9035 or 07915661875 or through the Contact Us page.