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What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing has revolutionised web marketing and in simple terms means promoting your products and services through electronic communication.

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful web marketing tool that delivers instant value by driving response and cultivating ongoing customer relationships.

Email marketing delivers the highest Return On Investment (ROI) of any form of direct marketing activity and at a relatively low cost and has a very high response rate.

Email is used to build your community online, provide your potential clients with listing information, sell products and services, drive website traffic, provide customer service, reinforce company or brand awareness, encourage repeat custom and customer loyalty.

Your business needs to have an effective Email Marketing Strategy to grow not only your existing customer base but also to expand your client base significantly. Engaging your customers with relevant, targeted information when, where, and how they want it is crucial to marketing success.

Why is Email Marketing So Important For Your Business?

If you are not using email marketing to promote your business then the following reasons should give you enough signs of the massive opportunity you have missed so far.

1. Increases customer loyalty and retention

Regular and effective email communication with customers increases trust and loyalty ensures that your current customers keep buying from you time and again.

2. It can be used to launch new products and/or services

Email marketing can be used as very low cost and effective way to launch new product or a service by warming up your prospects and facilitating the sale. It can also used in conjunction with print media or offline marketing.

3. Other people can promote you at no expense to either you or them

Email marketing can be used very effectively to reach out to prospects using joint venture partners or strategic alliance partners and utilising their database. Any emails forwarded by your own customers to their friends or colleagues will lead to your product or service promotion at no cost.

4. Increase traffic to your website instantly

Following on from reason no. 3, having hyperlink within such email communication can lead to increased traffic to your website instantly. This also allows you to segment your market and have different web pages targeting different customer segments with different products and services.

5. Instant response

When you send an email marketing campaign out to your customers and there is a call to action contained in the message such as visiting a website or buying a product, you can almost immediately see or track the response and test and refine the offer as required.

6. It can increase brand recognition

Regular communication with your customers and prospects increases brand awareness and especially when you are using email marketing in conjunction with joint venture partners or simply building relationship with the website visitors.

7. Easy to set up

Email marketing is extremely easy to set up when using auto responder service providers. You could be up and running in a matter of hours and please never ever use an email program like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail for e-mail marketing. This will kill your marketing efforts.

8. It can be 100% automated

By using Auto responders and e-mail marketing providers you can fully automate your email marketing campaigns. Using an auto responder service, you can send communication about newsletters, new products or services to your customers, prospects etc at a predefined time and date.

9. You can track, measure and test

Email marketing service providers provide sophisticated measuring and tracking tools which give you real time information to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. No other marketing technique gives you such an instant and reliable traceability. This data then can be used to refine your marketing communication to test and re-test and establish what works the best to generate more sales, build prospect list etc.

10. Low set-up cost

Now this is the best bit ! The cost of email marketing set-up is very low (depending on the service provider you chose. In fact in some cases you can even set-up it for free and start reaping the rewards of the power of email marketing.

What Are the Benefits Of Email Marketing To your Business?

Over and above the reasons mentioned above, email marketing directly results in:

  • Increase in sales of products and services of your business
  • Increase in website traffic
  • Lead generation of prospects
  • Lead qualification
  • List building and expansion

The Email Marketing Blue Print

To achieve maximum returns from email marketing campaign you need a blueprint and a robust plan in place. Below are some of the primary objectives of your campaign that you must consider along with any other immediate goals that you want to set. If you are already using email marketing then this will serve you as a quick diagnostic to evaluate your current campaign.

• How will you position your campaign? Will support the company/website as a whole?

You should develop multiple campaigns to support different divisions/brands/services as well as specific market segments / customers.

• What do you know about your list? Do you (or should you) categorise names by source?

In addition to the regular campaign, do you plan to also develop and send other emails such as personal messages, event related, newsletters etc?

• Have you established frequency rules?

Consider establishing timing of your regular communication along with times when you need to mail more frequently.

• Do you have reporting in place?

Track and monitor each and every email activity, analyse results, develop key performance metrics and improve continuously.

Whenever you design and develop an email marketing campaign both the primary objective and email marketing blue print should go hand in hand for it is the primary objective which will define how the blue print is implemented.

Such a powerful web marketing tool does come with some challenges and pitfalls and the biggest one is to avoid being branded as a spammer. Therefore it is important that campaign should only be sent to customers or prospects who have given you their permission therefore quality list is important not quantity.

This is another reason why I don’t believe in buying email list off the shelf. The next biggest challenge is to then get the emails successfully delivered, get them opened, read and finally getting a direct response and high conversion rates.