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Seven Top Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are a number of tactics that fall into the off page optimisation category, the most important is the building of quality backlinks. A backlink occurs whenever an image, a piece of text, or your full website URL is linked “back” to your site from some other. Sometimes backlinks are also called incoming links.

The best links are those that are “one-way,” meaning that a site links to you but you do not link back to them. It can be beneficial to “trade links” (called reciprocal linking) with another webmaster for the purpose of gaining website traffic but it’s not a strategy that will improve your search engine rankings.

As each page of your website should be optimised for 1-3 keyword phrases, it’s best to build “anchor text links” (i.e. text links, hypertext links, hyper links, contextual links) that include the keyword phrases you are targeting. The more links you build, the better your ranking will be for the terms contained in the links. The more links you build to your pages that include your targeted keyword phrases, the more likely your pages are to rank well.

Below are seven top ways to build quality backlinks to your website:

Directory Submissions

Directory submissions is an important step in building profile of your business and also helps with quality inbound backlinks to your website. Directory submission is not an especially difficult task, but like many other aspects of SEO it can be very time-consuming.

Social Bookmarking

Social Media in recent years has started to influence the way searches are carried out online and proper optimisation ensures that your social media sites are set-up properly with profiles and also provides quality back links to your site. Ongoing Social Bookmarking is essential to drive traffic to your website and the offers.

Article Submissions

Articles are a powerful and proven method of generating quality inbound links to your website, and it is a highly effective SEO technique. Article submission to proper websites is an important way to generate traffic, quality links and instant credibility.

Online Press Releases

Online Press Release distribution is another excellent way of generating quality backlinks and it also creates awareness about your business in the local search market. Submission of press releases online can also be very time consuming and it very important that the Press Release copy is SEO optimised. A properly structured press release that is distributed to the relevant sites will do more than just generate awareness about your business.

Forum Comment Posting

Forum comment posting is an excellent way of creating backlinks especially if they are coming from high Page Rank authority blogs / sites. Please remember not to spam blog forums and be sensible about self promotion.

RSS Feed submission

RSS or Real Simple Syndication is another method of bookmarking feeds from your website and submitting them to various search engines and RSS directories for back linking and driving traffic.

Content Sharing Sites

Content sharing sites are another great way of creating backlinks, be it documents, photographs and videos. Youtube alone currently receives the second largest searches within the Google network and therefore Video Marketing plays an important role in the SEO. Posting Videos also enables back linking and driving traffic to your website or the offer.