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Role of SEO Specialist | TwentyEleven Web Design
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What is the Role of a SEO Specialist?

After the site has been designed and coded, the work then begins to optimise the website for the search engines. This is performed by a SEO Specialist.

The SEO Specialist’s job is to work closely with the client in an effort to understand their business and what outcome(s) they are looking to produce. With this information, the SEO specialist then prepares a SEO strategy and plan that includes the process of optimising your website.

SEO Audit

The SEO specialist will carry out a full SEO Audit that will identify your relevant position to the competition, your business strengths and weaknesses and opportunities that currently exist. This also includes keyword analysis for search terms that your customer and prospects are using which enables to develop a successful search engine optimisation strategy.

SEO Plan

SEO Plan is like going back to basics and should form a part of your overall marketing plan in achieving your business goals. It takes into account all current marketing activity, business strengths, weaknesses, budget and the tactics and activities you should be implementing. SEO Plan will usually highlight the exact tactics that the SEO Specialist will be using for search engine optimisation and how they will be measured.

Keyword Research

Keyword analysis is an integral element of the SEO strategy. An effective SEO strategy works on the principle of on page and off page keyword optimisation. The SEO Specialist conducts this analysis and advises clients on selecting the most appropriate keywords and keyword phrases keeping in mind overall business objectives and competition.

Domain Acquisition

Acquiring domain with search keywords is a very important element as far as SEO is concerned. Websites with keyword rich domain names have better chances of getting ranked higher.

On Page Optimisation Activities

These are techniques that SEO Specialist uses to focus on proper keyword research, setup of your website’s headers, meta tags, meta descriptions, file names, internal cross linking, and quality content creation to get your site indexed in the database of the search engines.

Off Page Optimisation Activities

In addition to the work performed to the site itself, the SEO Specialist will also perform a variety of “off page” tasks. These tasks may include link building, social bookmarking and the creation of citations as well as many others.

Performance Measuring and Monitoring

This is an important step of your SEO plan as the SEO Specialist will usually measure SERP ranking, Page Rank, Website Traffic Volumes, Conversion % etc. Performance monitoring will enable you to understand the efficiency of your SEO plan and return on investment.