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Why Web Designers are not Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Experts?

There is a constant debate that rages between Web Designers and SEO experts over a simple question:

Are Web Designers SEO experts?

Before we answer that question, let us very briefly look at the role performed by a web designer.

Role of a Web Designer

The role of a web designer is to design and code a website as per your requirements. It can range from a simple website to a more complex e-commerce based site.

Web Design

In this phase, your web designer will work with you to create a nice looking website according to your project specifications. This part is primarily graphic in nature but it does form the foundation of the entire project.

Website Coding

After the website graphics are finished, the design will be coded such that it can be understood and displayed by various internet users. Some web designers will use specialist programs or will hand code is manually. As a general rule, designs that are “hand coded” by a code specialist are more likely to follow the standards set by the Worldwide Web Consortium (or the W3C).

Domain Acquisition

Domain acquisition refers to the process of buying domain names that are relevant to your business and where the website will be accessible. It is like your business postal address but on the internet.

Web Hosting

Once the website designed, finalised, site coded and domain bought, next comes the process of hosting your website files and domain on a remote server. This is quite important as without which your business website will not accessible to the internet users.

Ongoing Maintenance

Another important roles that a web designer performs is the ongoing maintenance to the hosting account and keeping it free from viruses, malware and other security threats by monitoring it on continual basis.

The world of web design is complex and fraught with misinformation, the biggest one being the belief that most web designers have a solid understanding of SEO. Reality is that majority of the web designers know very little about SEO process.

This however doesn’t mean that there aren’t some people who are good at both.

The real problem is that most clients know little about the web design process and mistakenly believe that their web designer has optimised their site for the search engines.

After all, a beautiful website that receives little visitors won’t help you achieve much in the way of new business. To improve your chances of getting a beautiful website that is well optimised for the search engines, it’s important you understand the key difference between a Web Designer and a SEO Expert.

Web Designers and SEO Experts need to work hand in hand to complete On page and technical optimisation. Most Web Designer’s however are not SEO Experts.